Some Things We’ve Learnt…

  1. Outdoor/indoor flow is vital for modern living but –
  2. Make sure your doorways have shelter from rain with eaves or porticos
  3. Outdoor living in New Zealand can be done for much of the year in northern climes, less so down south, but it is essential that shade is provided. Consider waterproof shade either through shadeclothes that are waterproof or solid roof materials
  4. Think about sun-lines. Shade at midday may be inadequate in the early evening and the sun can still be brutal at that hour
  5. Go with a Smart Home installation. It will soon become essential for any home so get it in now
  6. If you can’t afford to install outdoor heating, make provision for it by running gas pipes or electrical wiring during the build
  7. Look at running your music outdoors with outdoor speakers. It’s actually more considerate for the neighbours as you don’t need volumes up as loud to be able to hear
  8. Sightlines for children’s play areas can be incorporated into your design early in the process
    Separate spaces for children (no matter how old) can be a very valuable asset to living
  9. Lighting is vital to enhancing a home’s natural features and ambience and don’t forget to install outdoor lighting, or cable it up even if you can’t afford the lights yet
  10. Run speaker cable and computer cable throughout your house, even if you cannot afford to install computers and speakers – add them later!
  11. Ensure the materials you build your home from are of good quality from reputable suppliers – from the framing you choose, to the cladding, electrical cabling and plumbing to glass, roofing and interior linings. Fittings can be changed out – you cannot change your framing