RED Carpentry & Finishes

We work with a variety of unique, high-end wall and ceiling finishes, from our special version of Venetian plaster to imported tropical hardwoods, to luxury tiles and ceramics. We work with our clients to achieve their unique vision and design of their residence or project.

We specialize in carpentry, flooring and finishes. Whether it’s plasters, paints, stones, woods or everything in between, we have expertise in it all. Mexico has many extremely talented tradesmen and finish specialists, like stone masons, that add a special touch and feel to every living space. Our goal is to bring to life the design aesthetic that our clients are looking to achieve with the highest quality products and professionals.


Design, fabrication and installation of custom interior and exterior carpentry for luxury commercial, residential and high-end bespoke projects.

** Exterior screens, doors, architectural elements and structures **

Interior Details:

  • Supply and installation of main access doors
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Cabinetry
  • Interior Doors
  • Integrated furniture such as floating credenzas, consoles and headboard installations


  • Supply and installation of luxury and commercial finishes
  • Plasters – Venetian, Marmorino
  • Stuccos – drywall and drop ceilings
  • Stones – walls, countertops, backsplashes, exterior elements and flooring
  • High quality paints
  • High-end tiles and design materials

Design Consultation

  • Coordinate with existing interior designers to apply design to project interiors and exteriors
  • Generation of carpentry and finish designs to stand alone or supplement existing designs
  • Adjust or modify carpentry and finish designs to suit client’s needs and meet in-field realities
  • Remodel and re-envision existing interiors and exteriors

Architect Omar Rivero

Managing Partner

Originating from Mexico City, where the competition will forge your level of expertise and professionalism, Omar Rivero has worked on various commercial projects like the malls Palacio de Hierro, Fabricas de Francia and Liverpool. He has also collaborated on various department stores such as Bershka, Zara, Pull & Bear and H & M in Mexico City.

In Los Cabos, he has worked at Puerto del Sol and Cabo del Sol. He met Architect Raul Hernandez during the construction of the hotel Marquis Los Cabos Resort & Spa, and later Ed Hooton during COnstruction of Cabo Azul Resort. Now Partners in their carpentry and fine finishes business, Omar is also an integral associate in the parent group Red Group. 

CPA Lorenzo Santana


Lorenzo graduated in 1999 at the Costa Grande Technological Institute from public accountant. He lived in the United States for two years and arrived to Los Cabos in 2002.

He also worked in his natal town, Ixtapa, in the administrative area at Krystal hotel. In Los Cabos, he began working at Tesoro hotel. Later, he collaborated at Oswaldo Murillo office called Kreston BSG.

Lorenzo is a master administrator of the budget tracking process, including the administration of complex construction contracts overlaid with completion guarantee bonds and CIP insurance. Lorenzo is responsible for budget management and construction progress-tracking and the administration of the RED Group risk management disciplines