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Successful Risk Management in the Mexico Development Arena

The basic premise of risk management is to mitigate risks associated with budget variations and cost overruns, to include deficiencies in development quality and insolvency of contractors and subcontractors during the development process. This begins with identifying areas of exposure in terms of design and engineering deficiencies, potential schedule and delivery overruns, labor and social security risks and other risks associated with doing business in Mexico.

Risk management is not just a buzzword. RED Group’s success in risk management, in straight forward language, is the result of the application of well-defined business controls and disciplines that have been developed over a period of 30 years of doing business in Mexico.

RED Group institutes a structured critical path approach to risk management issues, focusing on the goal of achieving an optimal balance of time, quality and cost (TQC). Repetitive review-value engineering TQC is applied to each segment of the development chain.

In combination with RED Group professionals, we assemble a roster of experts in specialty trades, focusing on delivering efficient design and engineering that drive sthe TQC during the development phase through delivery to the post-development operational phase of each development.

RED Group Risk Management:

There is no catch all for risk management. Successful risk management employs a series of well-defined disciplines that are embedded in the critical path planning process through the budget development process. Successful risk management requires these disciplines to guide the development process from plans to budgets and then from budgets to execution and delivery.
Risk management reaches through the development delivery and extends to the ongoing facility operation after construction delivery.
The RED Group utilizes proven disciplines to assure that delivery schedules, quality and costs are optimized.