About us

Our Mission


The RED Group partners have developed a team of credentialed professionals with expertise in architectural design, design management-value engineering, engineering management, consruction budget development and costs analysis and materials sourcing-logistics.

RED Group professionals are trained in our proprietary development flow management processes.
The RED Group system is a series of quality control processes that employs a repetitive review process that decouples and analyzes more than 25 key components in the planning and development supply chain and then reassembles them in a value engineered refinement process.

Key development components are broken down into small segments of information and data that are analyzed and then reassembled in a value engineered process. This develoment component assembly line process permits RED Group to develop construction budgets with near zero margins of error.

At RED Group we encourage ongoing education, creatitivity and a free flow of information.
An important RED Group goal is to maintain our competitive advantage in an everchanging business environment.

RED Group provides absoute transparency for our clients, including professional mastery of financial planning to construction and development through operational oversight of custom resort hotel developments throughout Mexico.

RED Group is comprised of a seasoned team of master builder-developers, designing and constructing distinctive properties of the highest caliber.

We understand that delivery of the constructed producted is only the first level of achievement. We work with our clients to think though the development process to the economies of the operational process.

Success is not achieved at the delivery of construction, it is only the first milestone. Our goal is always to deliver operationally efficient facilities.