About us

Why RED Group


RED Group has more than 30 years of successful experience in the development of hotels, master planned communities, commercial real estate and luxury homes in the Mexico marketplace.

RED Group employs a U.S.-style business template that has been developed over 3 decades of construction and development in Mexico. Our business template is constantly evolving to adapt to the challenges of real estate development in Mexico.

RED Group makes Mexico Real Estate Development Simple. We communicate-translate the language of the Mexico development processes in terms that provide clarity and understanding to our clients.

Our business approach is simple, structured and well defined:

  • Identify clients’ development objectives and goals, beginning an exchange of ideas and
    information to determine if RED Group and the subject client are the right fit for one another.
  • Discuss the optimum balance of talent and resources required to achieve the client investor’s goals and objectives.
  • RED Group creates a scope of services proposal for client review and approval.
  • Go to work.
  • Construct the business plan to the specific needs of the subject development.
  • Define the risk management profile for the subject development and plan for the implementation of the risk management throughout all phases of the development.
  • Execute the Plan constantly monitoring time, quality and cost, or TQC.


RED Group then applies the agreed upon optimum balance of talent and resource expertise to execute the development plan while working in tandem with the owners/investors utilizing the RED Group proprietary business approach. Continuous focus in addressing operational, financial, construction and development challenges specific to the Mexico marketplace. RED Group has developed more than $450 million dollars in real estate in the past 15 years and we continues to maintain excellent personal and professional relations with all of our past clients. References available upon request